piątek, 10 października 2014


Love to back to places that we started something.
It's time to present you two national parks walks that we've had almost two years ago. Two years that changed our lives...
Royal National Park, one of the most popular places to visit. 40 minutes drive from Sydney becomes great place to see what's Australia's coastal like.

Remember time we couldn't believe; colours, shapes, wind... I felt myself like on a different planet. Because of the red colour I thought about Mars.

We haven't saw such a place like this, during our world exploration, before we landed in Sydney. It must be something special in this land, in this soil. Instead of enthusiastic talking D. decided to grab camera...

Beloved Botany. The place that captain Cook landed first time in Australia. Similar to him, we, people from far away country touched this land. Waves, and no mercy sun. Shapes of the rocks. It always gives us more energy than any place other (maybe except the desert and volcano of course)... and this oceanic wind. 

Now, two years after we had started our journey around the world, a year and a half from finding our 'corner' in Australia, we have some decisions to make.
Something ends, something begins...
Good time for a new wind in the our sails...

4 komentarze:

  1. Beautiful photos !!
    Where are you going now??
    Good luck wherewer you go :)

  2. Your pictures are always soo beautiful ! Like them all :)
    You MUST be happy being in such an amazing place as Australia !
    Hugs from Poland - from me and Michał :)


    1. thank you :) Australia is soo unique, landscapes like anywhere in the world :)
      ps.sometimes we miss for Polish landscapes...
      kiss for you and bro!


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